Friends that move make me sad...

Tonight I had dinner with a wonderful and dear friend who is moving. Melanie was one of my first friends when I started at my church. Brian grew up there, so coming into a church that was so familiar to him and so unfamiliar to me was very difficult. Melanie was friendly and interested in getting to know me from the beginning and not just because I was a Johnson. Her friendship, along with a few others, helped me find a place at Shades that allowed me to be me and was a gigantic blessing.
Next week Melanie is moving to South Africa to work with Living Hope Ministries, which focuses on HIV/AIDs relief through abstinence and sharing the Gospel. She has an awesome opportunity and platform to impact the people of South Africa for Jesus and I'm so excited to see what God does through her.
Go here to learn more about Living Hope.
Once again, I am thrilled and heartbroken. For the 5th time in a year, I watch someone I love and respect leave Birmingham to follow God's plan for them. It is a bittersweet time, but I know God will be glorified through Melanie and her ministry.

Have a great night, my friends.


  1. Thanks for dinner and sweet company tonight. Love your blog and can't wait to continue to follow you and Brian and hear your heart while I'm overseas. Don't forget me and know that I'll NEVER forget you. NOT saying good-bye... just, until next time!


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