The Cocomotion

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For Christmas, I received a Cocomotion. For those of you who don't know, a Cocomotion is a hot chocolate maker that stirs the milk/ water/ powder substance to the right consistency and warms it to a nice hot temperature. At first I was very hesitant- We don't drink much hot chocolate, we don't have a place for it in the cabinet, it's not cold enough to have hot chocolate on a regular basis- etc, etc, the excuses kept filling my mind. THEN we turned it on. The Cocomotion is not just a hot chocolate maker, it is a wonderful slice of heaven. It doesn't just mix the liquid and powder, it mixes it to PERFECTION while warming it until it is not too hot, not too cold, it is just right.

This cold winter weekend has been filled with movies and hot chocolate. The rest of today will be busy with a meeting at the church, core groups, and time with a friend who is moving next week, but the loveliness of a quiet weekend at home with Brian has been delightful.

May the Lord bless you today, my friends. Happy Sunday!


  1. I was thinking about that thing today when I tried making hot chocolate in the microwave. I burned the palm of my hand BADLY when I tried getting the cup out of the thing. I cried forever, haha, it HURT though! I maybe investing in my own Cocomotion soon. I drink hot chocolate at least once a day in this cold weather!

  2. I have something very similar. It doesn't get much use because it's in the cabinet, but I do like it! I should put it on my counter during the cold so I use it more! It makes any kind of hot chocolate taste good!


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