Snow Day

Yesterday was supposed to be the massive snow event in Birmingham. Schools closed or at least dismissed early and everyone waited..... and waited..... and waited.
I had a dr.'s appointment in the morning so my half day became a whole day! Love it! My mom and I had fun driving through the streets of Birmingham, looking for fun things to do before the major accumulation that would stop everything. We ate lunch at Silvertron and watched the snow fall through the window. We left there and went to a cute little middle of the city grocery store and just browsed. They had a great selection of cheese and their deli looked amazing. But we had just eaten. :) Finally, we went to Davis Wholesale Florist. It was heaven. I absolutely adore flowers, so it was a blast to stroll through the coolers and look at everything fresh and beautiful. We both walked out with a gorgeous bouquet of daisies and smiles on our faces.
As for the snow, it never really came. I guess that is life in Alabama for you. Maybe next time.
Tomorrow's the weekend guys! Have a FABULOUS Friday!


  1. Even in IL we've had that before! Usually if they call it too early before it happens, it keeps the bad weather away!

  2. Ooh that flower place sounds fun! I'm glad you had a good day off!


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