Sweet Chloe Belle

Our friends Adam and Maegan, got a precious surprise Sunday morning (or more accurately Saturday night) when their baby came a little earlier than expected. A group of us went to visit them last night at the hospital where Chloe Belle was healthy and sleeping soundly, and Mama Maegan was up and about, being a wonderful hostess to visitors.

I could have held her forever.
This is the second less than 2 week old baby I have visited in the past week and it always surprises me how light they are. God is so good and so specific that He plans birth and life of these precious children. It just makes me even more excited to have one of our own and see His face in all of it. But I guess that includes seeing His timing as well. :)
Here are the girls with Chloe Belle and Maegan,
And the guys with Adam, her proud papa!
Have a fantastic evening my friends!


  1. Aww, too cute! I'm the first out of my friends to get married, so we don't have any young ones among us yet! I can't wait though!

  2. yay! thanks for posting my precious baby! love you!


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