GIC- Global Impact Celebration

Each year our church throws a celebration for the people serving the Lord on the mission field. The missionaries set up booths in the foyer of the church for people to stop by, discuss their work, and hear what we can pray for them about. They always set up AMAZING speakers who encourage both the congregation and the missionaries with truth from God's Word.
2010 reaches the climax of a vision our pastor set out before us eight years ago (before I even began attending our church.) Tonight we began the 2010 GIC where we started celebrating the accomplishments and work God has done through the people at our church. To learn more, go here. The night began with a pep rally for the missionaries and progressed to an incredible time of praise and worship, followed by a message from Johnny Hunt, the pastor at Woodstock Baptist Church in Atlanta. His challenge to avoid complacency and strive toward focusing on Christ and making His name known was so encouraging. Festivities will continue on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as we hear from and party with the missionaries before they head back to the field. I am excited to see what God is going to do to and with the people of our church during this conference.
If you are in the Birmingham area, you should definitely check it out.
*But you will recieve power when the Holy Spirit comes on you;
and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria,
and to the ends of the earth.*
Acts 1:8
Have a blessed evening my friends!


  1. This always falls around "our" weekend, haha!

  2. Ahh, so cool! Weird to think that in 3 years, when we are on stateside, it will be my job to be AT those conferences as an M! Maybe I'll get invited to yours!


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