7 years and counting...

Today is a super special day for me... it was the day I met one of my favorite people on the planet, Rebecca. Rebecca and I met at flag tryouts for our freshman year at Auburn. We talked throughout the tryouts and really got along well. We both made the line and thus began a friendship that has truly had a major impact on my life and who I am.

We celebrate our anniversary every year, once going so far as to meet to hang out half way between Birmingham and Phenix City. We have officially been friends for seven years. I'm thankful for Rebecca and her friendship. I truly don't know what I would do without her.
After being bridesmaids in each others weddings, she recently found out that she is going to be a Mommy! It's incredible what God does in our lives over the course of 7 years- He is good and Sovereign!
Rebecca, I love you friend! Happy anniversary!


  1. Congrats! That is exciting! I love good friends that you can tell anything to! Totally great

  2. Oh, and it goes without saying, but I miss you!


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