Seeing Blue

Yesterday, Brian and I had some friends over for dinner. In the spirit of spring, I made sour cream pound cake cupcakes with baby blue buttercream frosting. I found the recipe in a magazine and thought I would give them a try.

Baking the cupcakes went on with no problem. The batter was SO yummy I wasn't sure it would make it in the cupcake tin at all. It did though. Barely.

I left them to cool overnight, then woke up the next morning to frost them. It was a holy mess. I had blue icing all over the kitchen and all over me. Once I got the icing on the cupcakes, it proceeded to run, so I also had it all over the plate and all over the refrigerator. It was kind of funny in that blue, messy sort of way.

Once they had been in the fridge for awhile, they were perfect! They weren't messy at all and tasted *heavenly.* But man, through the process, I was seeing blue.

The recipe for the cupcakes and icing are here. Despite the messiness, they were delicious. Enjoy!

Have a blessed weekend my friends!

PS- Brian and I are the proud owners of a new dining room table. It's realllllly pretty. And dresses up our living/ dining room area very nicely. Look for pictures soon!


  1. Man, that is some serious icing! haha, looks good though!

  2. Oh wow, those look AMAZING! Can't wait to see how the new ding room table is working out for you!

  3. Wow these look totally yummy! Can't wait to check out the recipe - Thanks for posting!


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