Table changes

Isn't she lovely?
Brian and I have been in love with this table from World Market since we saw it sitting in our friend's house over a year ago. It has PLENTY of room for guests or family, matches our furniture perfectly, and has a bench (Brian has decided all good tables need a bench- who am I to argue?) On top of all that, it has a leaf that can be removed for a more modest size. Simply the perfect table.
The table was a dream. A hope for the future. A piece we would buy for a bigger house.
Then we had 9 adults over for dinner for my mom's birthday in February. I looked at Brian in the process of setting up the tables (which were hilter skilter because our normal table was tooooo small) and said- "Want to go buy that World Market table today before the party?" He obviously said no to my rash, stressed, and sleep deprived question and the party went on without a hitch.
But the table stood firm in my head as an excellent piece to sit a room full of adults for dinner. Or a bench full of children in the future.
This week it is on sale.
It's a lot harder to turn it down when it is on sale.
We are still discussing it, but it just might become a part of our home.
Dinner anyone?


  1. I like it! I love tables with a bench. You should totally get it! : )

  2. That is a great table! I hope you are able to talk Brian into getting it! My husband is always slow to move on bigger purchases too.


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