Fire, fire!

Have you seen these?

My sweet friend Kristen has one on her back patio and it is picturesque. Brian and I argue about whether or not it would be safe on our wooden deck. He says no, but I personally think there is a way around everything. HGTV's Designed to Sell put bricks underneath one to keep it from being a fire hazard and it looked great and served its purpose. I will just have to keep working on Brian.

With a complete change of subject, I want to ask your opinion. I have recently been invited to SEVERAL wedding showers of girls that I know, but not so well- daughters of friends of my MIL's. I love buying gifts that are unique and fun, but are not necessarily on the registry. Does anyone have a suggestion of a fun, reasonably priced gift that might be appropriate for these ladies? I have been racking my brain and have come up with nothing. Any ideas would be glorious!

Have a blessed week my friends!


  1. Love the fire pit!

    I like to stick to the registry...they registered for those items for a reason, and usually brides REALLY want them!

  2. A cute set of note cards with their initial on them and a book of stamps are always helpful when sending thank-yous!

  3. We bought a fire pit last year. It was really cheap and we have only used it once! We actually have a brick patio so I didn't worry about a fire. Although I did bring a pitcher of water outside just in case!

  4. HI, Ashley, I haven't been to any of the Parade of Homes this year, but went 2 years ago. If I knew exactly which ones were decorated, I might try to find some, but many of them are not. I went in several 2 years ago in Highland Lakes that were all dolled up & it was fun.

    If you get a chance, drop by the Decorators Showhouse. You have to take a shuttle from a church on 280.

  5. As a well worn shower attender :-) I can tell you I never buy what's on the registry. I know, I know, people say you really should stick to the registry. But, I figure, they don't really know what they need, so I just buy them what I think they need or would enjoy. I usually give either a cake stand (I collect them so I love them) or a simple pitcher. - If I give a cake stand I put a recipe for a cake with it. If I give a pitcher I put a couple of lemons and a cute lemonade mix in the pitcher.

  6. Who's getting married? I wanna know! I miss all those froofy Shades ladies' showers! They give great ones! Sorry, no suggestions for gifts, though. I like "Jenn Stinn's" ideas! But the notecards are always good, too! Just incase they already have their heart set on a certain cake stand. Again, whose wedding? Love you! Miss you!!!


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