Let's get REAL

So, when I said three weeks ago that I was back, what I really meant was that I would love to be back if I had anything to say! You would not believe the number of times I have signed in, only to sign out again. Sure, there has been lots going on, yet, I could not formulate any of it into words.
See, there was this....

and these...

There was a second grade birthday party, a baby shower that resulted in the complete change of my dining room, the 7-8 year old Little League championship baseball game, or the interview process, in which I helped interview, instead of being interviewed.

My May has been all that I hoped it would be- relaxing and fun, full of friends and cooking dinner and crafting. But if I were to go on about these things, I would be leaving out the most exciting part of the past three weeks.

I am a Christian. I asked Christ into my heart at the age of 9. In middle school, as I surrounded myself by believers, I recognized I was not allowing the Holy Spirit to live through me and I dedicated myself to living for Christ. My walk has not always been straight, nor has it been easy. I will be the first one to tell you that I lay blame where it should not be laid, and I complain when there is nothing to complain about. I spent so many years embracing who God is and what Jesus did for me on the cross, without truly embracing his all encompassing love that loves ME for ME. The love that realizes that He is not interested in me being like someone else, but wants me to be REAL. And not just real with Him, but real with the people who surround me from day to day. You see, I was very good at playing the game. The game that said I had it all together. But, I need you to know- I don't. Through wonderful women in our church, my fabulous accountability group, and some incredible friends, God has been working on my heart. He has been taking down the barrier I have had up for as long as my mature heart can remember. No doubt, there will be trouble again, no doubt I will be tempted to raise the barrier again, but the glorious truth is that God is still God. He created us individually and knows our strengths and our weaknesses. He created the Body of Christ to mold those strengths and weaknesses together and create support and accountability, so that we can glorify Him.

So, over the past three weeks, my blog has not been updated, I have not left many comments for others, and I have stayed in my own little bubble, and I am sorry for that. But in the wake of this time away, I hope you find my posts are REAL. Not just about my home, husband, and crafts, but about the God I serve.

Have a blessed night my friends.

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