Far More Than Rubies

Have you checked out the blog Far More Than Rubies? I love it. Brittney is such an encouragement- her and her husband have moved so many times over the course of the past year, she takes incredible pictures, and is an awesome writer. She features great well written, attention grabbing book reviews that make you want to read the book. Above all, she is pursuing the Lord, no matter where He leads. It's fabulous.
ANYWAY, to add to all that, she is having a giveaway! In honor of her 500th post (plus a few), she is giving away a selection of really great items- an AWESOME bag, bookmark, book, cardset, and lotion- WOW! I would *love* to win.
So, go check out the giveaway, but more importantly, her blog because it is awesome and will leave you motivated to read, write, and take pictures, but also to follow God where He leads.
Have a blessed Saturday evening!

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  1. awww, thanks for such a sweet review! It totally made my night!


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