Israel: June 18th-20th

We left for Israel on Friday, June 18th. We met at the church and loaded the vans. Our sweet friends, Adam and Maegan, along with Mr. Boston drove us to the Atlanta airport. After checking our bags and grabbing a quick dinner in the awesome International Terminal food court, we were on the way! We had a direct flight from Atlanta to Tel Aviv, which allowed ample time for watching movies and sleeping.

Our flight landed after 5:00 on Saturday night. After going through the incredibly intimidating security of the Israeli airport, we drove two hours from Tel Aviv to Beer Sheva. After spending some time with our friends, we ate a quick dinner, then hit the sack.

Sunday was our first work day. We had breakfast at an awesome bakery two blocks from the Kehilla (church) where we were staying. They had everything from pizza pastries to cheese and chocolate filled pastries.

After breakfast, we headed through the desert to a Bedouin village. The Bedouins are a nomadic people group. Though they are Israeli citizens, they are not recognized as such by the government. Because of their desire to stay on their family's land, the government has denied them power, close proximity of education, and even the security of their land. They have very little water at their disposal and their houses are temporary.

During our time in the village, we did crafts with the younger children in the preschool and worked on the garden/ playground area. Though we did not have the opportunity to share the Gospel with the people in the community, it was a blessing to be able to serve. Our prayer is that through continued work in the village, people will see a difference in our friends and seek Christ through their service and love.

After we completed our work, we had an authentic lunch in the Bedouin Village. We had hummus and a special pita bread, chicken and rice, and tomato and cucumber salad. We sat in the floor of the tent and leaned on pillows. Though very different from anything I have done at home, it was such a fun experience and was completely delicious.

After lunch, we headed back to the Kehilla to rest and spend some time together. Believers from a local university came to the Kehilla for dinner to followship and worship together. It was such an encouragement to be surrounded by believers in a community that is so lost.

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