Israel: Monday, June 28th

Monday morning, our group loaded the vans to head to Bethlehem. After a short detour at a mechanic's shop, we drove to the West Bank.

I am not going to lie- the wall seperating the West Bank from Israel is pretty intimidating. You have to go through security to get into the territory, but because we looked very American we were ushered through.

We had lunch at a yummy cafe inside Bethlehem. They had amazing falafel and hummus. We did have a slight incident with a stolen backpack, but the backpack was recovered and the day proceeded happily.

After lunch, we walked to the Church of the Holy Nativity. In case the title isn't obvious, this is said to be the site where Christ was born.

Our tour guide was very enthusiastic and insisted that every day was Christmas in Bethlehem.

The doorway into the church was very low. The guide explained that in early days, when the Muslims invaded the church, they road their horses in and slashed and killed people. Because of this, they lowered the door so animals could not get in.

We saw the site where Jesus was born, then where He laid in the manger.

After leaving the church, our friend brought us to an amazing olive wood store that's wall's were lined with hand carved nativities. They gave us an awesome deal on carved wood and we, in turn, gave them huge amounts of business.

Our final stop in Bethlehem was at the home of some local believers. We hosted a followship with about a dozen Palestinian believers who truly knew the cost of having a relationship with Christ. Two people in the group's brother/husband was killed because of their stand for Jesus. This death forced them to move their ministry away from their home to a new place where they could share Jesus's life, death, and resurrection.

Their story was unbelievable. And convicting. My life is so comfortable and yet I am often unwilling to share the Truth with the people I come in contact with. These people have actually endured pain and suffering and threats to their family, yet they continue to seek Christ.


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  1. Hey Ashley! Yes, I had been waiting to meet Cassie for a while! LOVED her and can't wait to be fast friends! Her fiance, Josh, works with my husband! Just in different states ;) Looks like your trip was great! Hope you have a great day!


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