Israel: Tuesday, June 29th

Tuesday was our final day in Israel. We left the Baptist Village in Petah Tiqua and drove to Jerusalem for shopping and touring!

During the morning, part of the group did the Rampart's Walk while the rest of the group went through the open air stores to bargain for sandals and scarves! I got a great pair of camel leather flip flops and several beautiful scarves. I can't wait for cold weather so I can use them!

After lunch, our group went to Hezekiah's Tunnel. Hezekiah's Tunnel is an underground aquaduct that Hezekiah's army dug so they could access Jerusalem's water supply outside the walls. The truly incredible part of tunnel is the fact that it is nearly a half a mile long, carved out of solid rock. Engineers started chiseling on each side of the tunnel and miraculously met in the middle. That was in 701 BC.

We went down to the tunnel, then hiked the half mile trek through water to the other side. It was so hot through our entire trip, so the cool water was an awesome relief. Sometimes the tunnel was very narrow and other times the rock was very low, but all in all it was such a fun adventure.

After the tunnel, we went to the Museum of Israel. This musuem had a great scale model of the city of Jerusalem which gave us a great picture of all we had seen. The museum also held the Dead Sea Scrolls. These scrolls were found between 1947 and 1956 near the Dead Sea and are 2000 year old records of the Old Testament books. They had a portion of the book of Isaiah on display.
Once we left the museum, we packed the vans up and went to the airport. After returning the vans, we went through the incredibly lengthy process called Israeli security. They are very serious about who comes in and out of their country- we showed our passports at least 5 times.
We finally loaded the plane and headed home.
The trip was incredible. God blessed us so much and truly changed how we read His Word. God really changed our perspective on a lot of things. We are looking forward to going back there again one day with our family.
Hope you enjoyed reading about our trip! Have a blessed and wonderful week!

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