Israel: Tuesday, June 22nd

Tuesday morning we enjoyed a scrumptious pancake breakfast at the Kehilla, then got to work packing, cleaning, painting, and fixing odds and ends throughout the church. It was a great chance for us to serve in the place we had stayed in the beginning of our trip.

After lunch, we left the Kehilla and headed to a Bedouin school in Beersheba. We were told we would be working with 10th grade students to assist in teaching English. Going in, we had no idea if there would be 20 students or 120 students. We split back into our groups from the previous day and went with our group to a classroom. In the classroom, we were blessed to have time to work with 4-6 Bedouin students each, editing their writings about the Bedouin life and simply having conversation. Though the language barrier was a problem in the beginning, communication became much easier over time. The girls in my group LOVED Justin Bieber and showed me You Tube videos from their cell phones. It was interesting to see the varied levels of English skills and technology use. It was clear that, just like in America, each of the Bedouin villages that made up the school was different, as was the level of living.

After leaving the school, part of the group headed back to the Kehilla, while the rest of the group went to a nearby IDF airforce museum.

After the airforce museum, we loaded the vans and left the Kehilla for the last time to head to a Bedouin tent for the night. We had an awesome Bedouin meal of chicken, rice, cucumber and tomato salad, hummus, and watermelon. We started and finished the meal with a teeny, tiny cup of hot tea.

After dinner, we set out our mats and went to sleep! Being in the middle of the desert, with the cool wind blowing through the opening was awesome. Aside from the dog barking outside the tent, it was a great night!

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