Cricut Dreams

Last Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, Brian and I went see our great friends Brad and Katie in Demopolis. Aside from a wonderful time of fellowship and catching up, I was introduced to the Cricut. We spent the weekend finding creative ways to use it. I fell in love and began dreaming of great and fabulous things I could do with it- gifts, classroom, our house, a future nursery. Nothing seemed too big or small for the Cricut.

For our anniversary, my sweet Brian gave me a Cricut. I am beside myself! I have been in heaven creating things for my classroom and am anxious to try cutting fabric and vinyl. I have worked for hours making a word wall and letters for my bulletin boards.
We recently had a new teacher join the 2nd grade team at our school. Aside from the fact that she is Godly and wonderful, she is also VERY creative and fun. As she was setting up her classroom, she hung a painted canvas on the wall to add a homey feel. I decided I needed to do that in my classroom as well and was determined to use my Cricut. After browsing the aisles of Hobby Lobby, I came home with black paint and bright polka dotted paper (I had the canvases at home.)
My final project?

They look awesome in the room, but could also be useful in a playroom one day. I have cut out the words "be creative" and "make good choices" too, but am completely out of black paint. I hope to do those later this week. I have a lot more work to do before I am good at the Cricut, but I am loving the chance to practice! Hopefully you will see more Cricut projects here in the future!

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