Date Night for a 2nd Grade Teacher

School starts on Tuesday.

Teachers had to return to school this past Monday. It was great- it was a good time to organize. I moved into my classroom so quickly last summer that I had no idea where anything was for the entire school year, so I spent LOTS of time this summer putting everything in boxes with labels and sorting papers into binders. This week, I went into the new teacher on our team's classroom, got ideas, then went back to my classroom and added file folders. I am pretty much in love with my classroom right now. Let's hope it stays this organized when students are actually IN it.

Though everything was organized, I realized I still had
several things to do before Meet the Teacher tomorrow, so I interrupted our previously scheduled date night to INVITE Brian to my classroom to help. Boy, do I love my husband!

After we left the school, we had dinner at Taziki's (Yum! ADORE their Friday Pasta Special!), then headed home to watch a movie. I let Brian choose the movie, so I was shocked to find This Is It in the DVD player when we got home.

Michael Jackson was an INCREDIBLE performer. The movie was super interesting. I have decided that if he was still alive, I would want to see his concert.

Has anyone else seen the movie? What did you think?
If you haven't, check it out! It's pretty great!


  1. Have a great school year! I go back tomorrow and our kids come back Tuesday. I won't start seeing my kids for at least a week so I'll be getting organized the first week. I always get organized right at the beginning and then struggle to keep it through the year, which is really unlike me, but it always seems to happen!

  2. haha, I must say, I was a little shocked to see this movie as the topic of your blog post! : )


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