The College Kids Tailgate

Brian and I are blessed to not only have the family tie with his two brothers, Scott and Kevin, but to also be part of the Auburn family with them. Scott will graduate in December and Kevin will graduate in May. They are incredible, Godly guys who have used their time at Auburn to glorify the Lord. I could not be prouder of them even if they were my brothers by blood.

One of the ministries Kevin has invested in over the past four years has been the College Kids Tailgate. This is a dry tailgate that's entire purpose is to build relationships and share the name of Christ. What began as a small tailgate has grown into a giant success, complete with two tents, a few TVs, a grill, and a COTTON CANDY machine. The tailgate averages between 300 and 400 visitors a game. It has opened a lot of doors and offered people an alcohol free fun-filled atmosphere.

The College Kids Tailgate is a finalist in the Texas Pete Ultimate Tailgate Contest. If they win, they will get a 42 in. TV, a Direct TV package, and a Char Broil Grill for the tailgate. With the number of people attending the tailgate each week, this would be fabulous!

All this said, please go here and vote for the College Kids Tailgate!!

And have a blessed Sunday my friends!

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