Yummy and Delicious Caramel Corn

Last fall I started teaching at my small K-6 elementary school. It is the kind of community you dream of putting your children in- people are tight knit, friendly, and take care of each other.

And MAN, they put on a good party. Whether it is the Fall Festival, the bookfair, or just a small Halloween celebration, the parents fully invest.

At the fall festival last year, I was first introduced to homemade caramel corn. The mom who made it sold
it at the bake sale, but I was lucky enough to be friends with her child's teacher, so I got some of the stock that went specifically to her.

I then RAN down to the bake sale to buy my own.
They were sold out.

I went back to the bake sale this year and they were sold out again.

Woe is me.

Since last Fall, I have been looking for a caramel corn recipe that will allow me to actually get the caramel corn, rather than run around the school LOOKING for the caramel corn.

As I was link hopping this morning, I found Our Best Bites. After following some of the posts, I found this recipe for Caramel Corn. Brian and I immediately tried and the recipe and WOW- it is incredible. And just like the caramel corn at my school.

If you like caramel corn, you have to check it out. It is super easy and so delicious. I'm thinking Christmas gifts and Christmas parties. And movie night and road trip snacks and Tuesdays, just for the fun of it.

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  1. I can get you the recipe for the real deal! That mom and I are friends (I have the youngest child this year). It really is so stinking good and she shares the recipe!


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