Merry Christmas 2010!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!
Brian and I had a different experience than we have ever had before. His family was out of town, so we spent Christmas Eve together then spent Christmas Day with my family.

We started the night with the Candlelight Service at our church. It was an amazing time of worship and focus. We were blessed to see so many of our friends and hear truth from the Word.

After the service, we headed to a local Mexican restaurant for a Feliz Navidad dinner! The place was surprisingly full. It reminded me of A Christmas Story except I didn't burn the turkey. :) We drove around and looked at Christmas lights afterward.

When we got home, we set up the air mattress in the living room to spend the night. This tradition started last year so we could sleep under the Christmas tree lights and watch a movie (we don't have a TV in our room.) Brian surprised me by renting the new Jim Carrey A Christmas Carol, which I have wanted to see since it came out last year. It was so good. The animation was incredible- technology is pretty cool.

The next morning, we woke up and opened gifts to each other, then headed to my parents house for Christmas brunch.  As we were driving there, it started snowing. It was amazing- I have never seen snow at Christmas.... I have barely seen snow when it's not Christmas. Needless to say, we were excited. For brunch, we had the most delicious hashbrown casserole I have ever eaten, then we spent the rest of the day relaxing. 

Me and Granny- Sorry for the bad quality, my iPhone screen is a little fuzzy.

Early in the afternoon, we went to see my Granny in her assisted living home. She was in especially good spirits and really enjoyed  opening her gifts. My favorite part of the visit was when she introduced Brian to her dead cat... which was actually one of those funny breathing cats that were popular about 3 years ago. 

Later that night, we had a gingerbread house competition. The teams were me and Daddy versus Brian and Mom. The funny thing was that none of us had ever actually made a gingerbread house before. Overall, they turned out great! We didn't actually have a judge, so we were just competitive for the fun of it.

It was truly a magnificent Christmas. We are so blessed by our precious friends and family. We have a Savior who loves us enough to come live on this Earth and die to give us freedom. Now THAT'S a reason to celebrate.
Merry Day Late Christmas my friends!


  1. Looks like you had a great holiday! Merry CHRISTmas!

  2. Cute picture of you and Granny! Merry Chrismas!


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