Baby J- Part 3

Tuesday, we began telling people close to use about our baby.

First, we surprised my parents by stopping by with a little surprise. We are not the stop by without calling type of people, so when we showed up at the door, I think they suspected something. We presented them with a little envelope of our family-

I had mixed the baby into the group so they would be surprised.

It took Daddy a second to figure out what the baby meant, but once he did, they were both very excited!!

The next morning, Brian and I got up early to see Brian's parents and brothers. They were coming in from their trip to Israel, so we had to arrange that we pick them up from the airport to share the news.

For Christmas, I had given my MIL a paper doll of everyone in the family. We tucked the baby into an envelope and headed to the airport. We had to wait a little while because their flight was delayed, so we enjoyed the sights of the Birmingham airport.

Once their flight arrived, we met them by security. They didn't know I was coming, but were so sleep deprived, they didn't think anything of it. Brian mentioned that we found one last Christmas gift as we were cleaning up our decorations. As soon as she opened the envelope, my MIL squealed and ran to hug us. Brian's dad and brothers slowly figured it out and joined in the celebration. 

It was so much fun to tell our families. Everyone was so excited and so ready to help us celebrate! We are blessed by such a fabulous family. 


  1. Aww, that is too cute! I'm loving these posts!

  2. I love all your baby posts so far! What a sweet momma you will be. LOVE the way you told everyone and that you made it special for Brian!

  3. This is so cute! I love seeing the reactions! Congrats!


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