Baby J- Part 4

After waiting a little while and getting closer to our first doctor's appointment, we began telling other people around us.

We did Christmas late with Brian's extended family and announced to them through a game of dirty Santa. We put a note in a bottle that said "Brian and Ashley are pregnant." It was so fun to see everyone's response!

We stopped by several friend's houses to tell them personally and made LOTS of phone calls to others close to us. 

I waited until I was 12 weeks to make the official announcement to my school. 
Our sweet technology coordinator wrote a poem for me to send to the faculty. I forwarded it to the parents in my class as well. I was SO impressed by her poem writing ability!!
I told my class that same afternoon. Their responses were very funny. I mentioned that Brian and I were having a baby in September. After looking at me for a good 30 seconds, one said- "are you adopting?" I said no, that I was pregnant right then and another one said, "wait a minute, you're PREGNANT?" My favorite moment was when someone asked- "how did you get like this?" I politely ignored the question. 
Kids are funny, funny little things.

Have a super Friday! I am excited for the weekend!


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