Baby J- Part 5

This comes the saddest part of our pregnancy....

See my car.....

Isn't she cute?
I got her as a celebration gift for getting into Auburn. She was sitting in the parking lot one night when I got out of church. She had the classic big red bow. I promptly named her Daisy and treated her as I would a small child. I rudely (just being honest) avoided driving anywhere until she hit 10,000 miles (Rebecca, thank you for continuing to be my friend). And that was a sad day. Through college, I celebrated her birthday every November 9th by wearing my Beetle t-shirt. I enjoy the responses people give when I drive by... it always cracks me up when people are hitting each other because of my car.... such a funny game. 

So when I saw this commercial about 3-4 months into our trying to have a baby, I laughed because I knew it would be me...

And then I actually cried once because I was afraid it would never be me. My husband looked at me like I was certifiably insane.

So we have been car shopping. Not for Nissan Maximas, but for a cute SUV. So far, our favorite is the Highlander but we also like the Volvo XC90 and the Murano. We are not sure when the big transition will happen, but I promise you there will be tears. 


  1. I LOVE my Chevy Equinox! Tons of space, plus its a really great car! Check those out too!

  2. I'd cry too! Good luck on your car hunt!


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