Baby J- Week 16

Eventually, I will begin posting tummy pictures but at this point I am still a bit self conscious, so enjoy the weekly update instead!

How far along? 16 weeks, 6 days

Total weight gain: I am still sitting at -4 pounds. I am not sure why I didn't gain weight last week since I basically ate all of Savannah. The school nurse and I have talked about it several times and I guess I should just be thankful to be saving a little room for the end!

Baby Bump? Yup. Several teachers have stopped me in the hall this week to point it out. 

Maternity clothes? Not actual maternity clothes, but today I pulled out the belly band!

Cravings: This weekend, all I wanted was corn on the cob and mashed potatoes. In honesty, I haven't been craving one particular thing the whole time but something different at different points. I am definitely leaning more toward things that aren't sweet rather than those that are.

Symptoms: Still a bit of a weird appetite, but it is getting better. Also, a couple of random yuk things I won't mention on the blog :( 

Sleep: Sleeping well!

Movement: I think a little but I'm still not sure. I wish someone could confirm what I'm feeling!!! Pregnant ladies and new moms, any thoughts?

Gender: We find out April 7th! 

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: Coke and regular sweet tea.

Best moment this week: Painting the nursery! Brian is putting on a second coat on Saturday! Yay!

Also, Birmingham has a great sale called Kids Market. It is a huge consignment sale and carries so many major baby products. Our budget will be changing drastically soon, so I am interested in getting  some of the short term, and possibly long term, items consignment. People who sell items get to go to the sale early, then general admission is later. The sale opens tomorrow night to the first people to bring items to sell, but I had a ticket to go on Saturday. Today, I got a ticket for tomorrow night! I am so excited because I will have a better variety of options! My goal- a jogging stroller, possibly a crib (questionable...), a swing.... We'll see how it goes.

Have a super Thursday friends!


  1. I can't wait for April 7th! I haven't voted yet because I just have no idea what I think it is :) Either way, it will be very exciting!!! About the movement thing...I think I felt Lily for the first time around 16ish weeks. At first, it just feels like little flutters or a rumbly tummy...later it will be totally obvious what's going on and you will even be able to pick out body parts :) It's so fun! Praying for you :)

  2. Wow, that sale sounds amazing! April 7th will be a very exciting day!

  3. Ok, I'm sad that I haven't talked to you in so long I have to find all this out from your blog. I tried to call you last weekend. phone date soon?

    woohoo for April 7!


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