I go back...

I have a pretty terrible memory. I don't say that as an excuse, it is just kind of a fact. I remember very little of elementary school and really only major events through middle school. High school is much clearer, but I am not one of those people who can name all the teachers I've ever had, or really all the classes I've ever taken.

With all that said, last week I was tired of listening to the same music I always listen to. I just wanted something... different. So I hopped on iTunes and began browsing my music. I slowly began creating a new playlist, but of my old songs, songs that have been a theme in my life in the past or that just hold a certain memory. It is incredible how quickly things in life can come to mind, just by listening to a song. I have spent the past few days reminiscing of old memories. Sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes simply a passing memory, but all part of the work God has done to get me to today. It is incredible to look at events from the past and recognize their significance or insignificance.. I am thankful for the path the Lord has taken me down, no matter how bumpy or misguided, humorous or sad. His plan is perfect and His timing is good. Praise the Lord for being there through every step.

Though I could never post all of the songs from my playlist, either out of embarrassment or lack of space on the post, I am linking a few to YouTube for you to enjoy.

Hannah Montana
(All I can think about is learning the dance in my living room with Rebecca, then teaching it to some friends in the parking lot of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. I also taught the dance to my class last year- those boys were hilarious! Classic.)

Conway Twitty
(My parents and I spent at least half of my childhood listening to Conway Twitty. I know most all of this songs, both appropriate and inappropriate.)

(I got this CD one year for Christmas, so somehow or another in my head, I have made it a Christmasy song. It's not, but that is the connection I have... weird.)

Relient K
(I used to blast this song in my car on the way home from Auburn because of a bio class I did really badly in. I hadn't listened to it in ages, but somehow, it relates to grad. school too. Funny how that works. I really do think I would prefer arts and crafts.)

Anyone else have any particularly memory enducing songs?

Have a super night my friends!


  1. It cracks me up that you were doing the hoedown throwdown by the sea of galilee. I don't think I ever knew that. ha!

  2. What about some MmmBop ?! Love you :)


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