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This afternoon, I went to the post office. 
I love the post office in the little town I work in. The people are always nice. The service is always good. 

While I was in there, I saw a teacher from my school. We were talking about things going on in her life then talking about Baby J. She asked me if we had a particular feeling about the gender or if the doctor had mentioned what she thought it was. Just as I was beginning to answer her, the woman in front of us in line decided to give HER two cents...

She proceeded to ask me if I was constipated or if I was having heart burn and reflux. When I answered her, she declared to the entire post office that I was having a boy.

So, for anyone who cares, according to the complete stranger at the post office, we are expecting a boy.

If only answering that one question could truly determine the answer.
April 7th is in 1 week and 1 day! Woo hoo!


  1. So according to her if you have heart burn/constipation/etc are you having a boy or girl? Those old wives tales are always interesting. I've never heard of it predicting gender. I've only heard heartburn/reflux means a head full of hair...which was not true in our case! I should have bought stock in Tums, and Eli still is just peach fuzz on top! : )

  2. Well, do you have those symptoms? Because I did and I had a girl! Tums and Zantac became my best friends.

  3. Can't wait to find out! So excited for you!


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