Our growing collection...

Over the course of the past five months, I have been drawn to all things baby. Shopping is one of my favorite hobbies and because of my ever growing waistline, shopping for me is out of the question. 

Emily Ann, on the other hand, is developing quite a collection of adorable things.

Hopefully I will temper that as I get further along,  but right now I am really enjoying it!

This is Clover, the cute little cow we found in a gift shop in Savannah. The only souvenir from the trip that didn't include food. :)

Our Jesus storybook Bible. Our friend Maegan mentioned it when we were talking about babies. She said that every story, including Old Testament, tied back to Jesus and our Savior. I can't wait for our storytime!

This little puppet was a gift from a student in my class. It is super soft and came with a precious note.

I have a tiny obsession with Ralph Lauren. The little horse makes me smile. These are EA's Ralph outfits so far. 

I bought this before I knew Emily Ann was a girl. I plan to match it with a cute little denim skirt and a hair bow to make it girly. 

We got the Auburn bib at Cracker Barrel when we were 6 wks pregnant. The other one was a congrats gift from Rebecca :) I can't wait to see EA in it!

Right after we found out EA was a girl, Brian took a lunch break around Target. He came home with this cute little bird that stretches and vibrates. He likes playing with it as much as Emily Ann will.

Finally, I bought this onsie last night at Target. We have found Mommy outfits all over the place, but have really had a hard time finding Daddy ones. I feel sure that EA will be a Daddy's girl and it is wonderful how much he already loves her, so I couldn't resist buying it!

Brian put our crib together last Thursday night. It looks awesome! Scott and Kevin, Brian's brothers, came over tonight for dinner, so they helped us situate the room to my liking. Next stop, purchasing bedding and considering wall decor! I can't wait to post the final pics!

Have a blessed evening my friends!


  1. I LOVE the Jesus Storybook Bible, it is really well done!

  2. Eli has that same bird. He laughs it at, it's funny.


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