We're having a........

Last Thursday, Brian and I had our monthly appointment. I have been looking forward to this appointment since the first appointment! Going in to the ultrasound, I was so nervous. I would be happy with a boy or a girl, but my worst fear was that they wouldn't be able to tell exactly and I would have to live in wonder for the rest of the pregnancy.

I adore ultrasounds. Right now I feel significantly not pregnant. I am feeling great and am able to stay up late. Even though I'm showing, it is more of that uncomfortable *ouch, my pants are too tight* than the obvious *wow, she's preggo.* I may or may not be feeling the baby move yet, so basically I feel like a more sensitive version of the normal Ashley. 

But ultrasounds are glorious. That fabulous tech was able to show us our baby's heart with four chambers, brain, spine, kidneys, hands with five fingers, a flexed foot, adorable profile and cute little bottom!

And what's more, that awesome tech was able to tell us that we are having...

a little girl!!!!
Emily Ann Johnson will be joining our family in early September!!

Basically, we can't wait :)

Check it out, she's waving hello to everyone! 


  1. Yay for little girls! Congrats!

  2. So so adorable! Emily Ann :) Congratulations!!!!

  3. How fun! Little girls are so fun!

  4. YAY! That is so exciting! Love the name Emily Ann, it's just beautiful!

  5. Sooo excited for you guys!! Little Girls are so much fun!! And yea....when the family gets together Emily and Molly will have so much fun playing together. :)

  6. OH YAY! I am so excited for you guys! Girls are fun :) I love the name! So sweet! Can't wait to meet Miss Emily Ann!

  7. Looking forward to Emily Ann & Eli playing together soon!


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