Wasting time and loving it!

Right now, I am having a very difficult time focusing on work- both graduate work and school work. I would much rather look at all the great blog posts, explore websites, register for baby gear, and plan the nursery than do school work. With all that said, I have found some really great things while avoiding school work over the past couple of days!

A teacher at school introduced me to this website. I thought it would be like Groupon or Living Social, which I really like, but no, it is way WAY better. It gives deals for women and children. Emily Ann has already gotten an absolutely adorable outfit and Brian and I have gotten a awesome deal on a 16x20 photo canvas. I can't wait for the new deals to be posted each morning. It is getting to be a problem.

Great nurseries.

I adore this nursery, but I have no idea where I found these picture. If this is your nursery, I am not trying to plagiarize, I just love it!!!
The simple set up with the classic and classy colors are similar to what we are using in ours. It makes me want to go out and buy a new cute light fixture, a closet organizer, and add some of those little flag things. 

Brittney at Far More Than Rubies introduced me to this awesome store when she was showing off her precious nursery. I have been very torn by what bedding to use in our nursery and think I may have found my best bet here. I would love to share, but will have to leave you hanging :)

Reese's Peanut Butter eggs.
Mexican food with a nice side of cheese dip.
Caffeine free Coca-Cola Classic.

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  1. oh, I love the colors in those picture, so subdued, calming, and classy!


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