Baby J- Week 22

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a glorious week! Here's the weekly update! 

How far along? 22 weeks, 7 days.

Baby Bump? Yup!

Maternity clothes? Maternity pants, but regular shirts. Some of my regular things fit if I am bored with my wardrobe, but they are pretty uncomfortable.

Total weight gain: According to the scales in the school nurse's office, I have gained the first trimester -4 back, so I should be sitting about at 0 or +1. I go to the dr. this afternoon so I will be able to say for sure then.

Cravings: Nothing recently. I have really enjoyed my sweets, but am getting close to the glucose test, so I should probably tame my wild ways :)

Symptoms: Some random yuk things, but besides that, really nothing. It's kind of strange and I have to remind myself that there is a baby in there!

Sleep: I am getting up more frequently to go to the bathroom and actually can't sleep on my stomach anymore, finally! I dream pretty much every night and a lot of times, they are pretty weird. I think I prefer my old school dreamless nights.

Movement: Yes! She has been kicking me consistently for about a week now. Some days it is more than others, but I usually feel it at least once a day. I absolutely adore it :) The other night she kicked me when I was in the bathtub. I had just turned on the hot water and she started kicking like crazy. When I turned it off, she stopped. It was pretty funny.

Gender: We are having a little girl! Emily Ann! 

Belly Button in or out? In

What I miss: This week I pushed the laptop cart in my classroom from one side of the room to the other. It is always heavy and awkward, but this was the first time I had moved it since EA. I had to sit down afterwards because it wore me out! Though it is not like that with everything, I do miss being able to do what I need to do without help.  

Best moment this week: Definitely her kicking me and me KNOWING that was what it was. Brian has had to work a lot because of the storms, so I haven't seen him much. When I finally did see him, he got to feel it too. It's so neat and I am thankful that it is something he can be included in. 

Also, our friends Maegan and Adam had their baby this past Monday. I have been blessed to be pregnant with three of my friends. Us and two others are having girls, but Adam and Maegan were waiting to find out. Precious Lily Beth was born on Monday- I can't wait for her and Emily Ann to be friends! And what are the chances that all four of us would have girls? So much fun!!

And though this is in no way related to Emily Ann, I took my last final of the semester last night. The test was open book, but crazy hard. It's been a very difficult and exhausting semester, but I can officially say I am one semester and my comps away from completing my master's degree! 

Have a great Cinco de Mayo!!

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