A day of prayer

Our governor, Robert Bentley, has declared today a day of prayer throughout the state of Alabama. Praise the Lord that we have a governor who fears the Lord and recognizes His fullness and perfect plan.  The news continues to be consumed with stories of the number of people who did not survive, the vast damage, and the number of people who are still missing, today, four days later. It is heart breaking to hear of students at the University of Alabama who have lost their lives, co-workers whose homes and worldly possessions are destroyed, and communities that no longer exist because of this storm. 

Please join the state of Alabama as we pray for our people today.

This post is from the wife of our local weather man. It gives just a small picture of the destruction and a clear picture of our God who is able to do incredibly more than we can hope or imagine.

Have a good Sunday my friends.

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