Wish I could live in the Smoky Mountains...

Summer has definitely soared in! I can not believe the temperatures and can't imagine what it will be like in mid-August! 
With that said, the first several days of summer have been wonderful! Brian and I went to the Gatlinburg area with his family for Memorial Day weekend. He enjoyed fishing with his dad and brothers while I went shopping with his mom. We also played lots of games and spent great quality time together as a group! It was so much fun!

Brian fishing- it is amazing to me that he can't get in cold ocean water or hot bath water, but he can stand in a river that was FREEZING for hours at a time. There is something not right about that.

All of the fishermen.

I realized during our trip that I must curve my interest in shopping for Emily Ann. After buying SEVERAL outfits from the outlets and a cute little stuff black bear, I am beginning to think I have a shopping problem! And she's not even here yet. At least she will look cute when she is!

Have a wonderful Friday friends!


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