13 on Thursday

Once again, I am following Rebecca's lead and participating in 13 on Thursday! Here are some random things I have done today or that are simply on my mind!

1. I spent the morning and lunch time with my dear friend Ashley and her sweet baby girl Johanna. It made me so so excited for Emily Ann to get here. I was also super grateful for all the advice and information Ashley was able to give.
Here is me and Johanna after her noontime meal. This was my first swaddle with a real baby! Ashley was great to trust me. :)

2. Once again, I enjoyed a nice afternoon at the hospital with all my many doctors appointments. Everything looks good but nothing much has changed since last week.

3. I have started watching the Nate Berkus show in the afternoons at 3:00. I don't see it every day but really enjoy any opportunity to get new home ideas. 

4. I recently discovered the recipe blog Plain Chicken through Pinterest. Her recipes look delicious and so do-able! Add the fact that she is an Auburn fan and basically I am thrilled! Check out her blog!

5. I burned my thumb using the hot glue gun last week. It is still recovering.

6. I got the sbcStudio digital scrapbooking program as a baby gift. I am loving creating new things... right now I am working on direction and recipe cards for Gifted. I can't wait to get started on books and cards for Emily Ann!

7. Brian introduced me to the new Shane and Shane song "The One You Need." Such a great song. Check it out.

8. Brian got the game Golden Eye for the Wii as part of his birthday gift. It's humorous to see him play with different guys and decide how good he is based off their performances. Lucky for him, he will always be better than me at video games. I just can't handle it.

9. I am halfway finished with Baby Wise. I keep meaning to finish it but then get distracted by something else. No rush- I've got 3 weeks, right?

10. God is continuing to bless me through the Word and revealing incredible things about not only being a woman, but being a mom.

11. I have made several cute crafts over the past few weeks. Here are a few...

(See the little heart on the onesie? That's how I burned my thumb.... at least it ended up cute!)

12. I love that Brian Johnson. Seriously. I couldn't ask for a better husband, a better leader, or a better man to be married to. I adore the fact that God created us for each other. I can't wait to see him be a dad.

13. I ate my first Subway sandwich in 9 months today. I had it melted and it was delicious. I probably won't be that daring again until after EA is born, but I really enjoyed my walk on the wild side.


  1. Wow, you are cranking those banners out! Seriously so cute!

  2. Enjoyed hanging out with you today!! Johanna slept great after your swaddle and rocking! Next time you can practice your diaper changing too :) Thanks for burning your thumb making my banner! Can't wait for Emily Ann to be here!

  3. Awesome sharing, Ashley! That scripture passage is beautiful! And ADORABLE Welcome Home sign!

  4. Great song. They've got a 5-song sampler of the "organic" version of their new album. I think all of them are awesome. Check it out:


    By the way, when Emily Ann comes, are you going to change the name of your blog to "Johnson & Johnson & Johnson"?

    Love and miss you guys!


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