Fearfully and wonderfully made...

With Emily Ann's birth coming so soon, this verse has been on my mind a good bit. The verse is so good and sweet and has held with all my hopes and expectations for my little girl- that she recognize who she is in Christ and that she has value in the eyes of God. 
But in all my reading of this verse recently, I have put aside the truth that stands in the fact that this verse applies to me as well. I am not perfect. I have so many insecurities. I am lacking in my relationship with God, with my husband, with my family, and with my friends and those things are something that I must always work on. I am not finished with the tasks God has for me and I must continue to work as for the Lord. But He knew what He was doing when He created me and He alone can complete me. My insecurities can only be "cured" by Christ. What a blessing that we have a Savior who allows us to put our hope in Him.

Check out Emily's post from today. Such a great reminder of a great God.
Happy Monday!

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