Emily Ann is an Auburn Tiger

Yesterday, Brian, EA, and I headed down to the Loveliest Village on the Plains (Auburn) with my parents and Brian's parents. Though we didn't have tickets to the game, I really wanted EA to experience Auburn during her first year of life, so we made plans to tailgate, see the sights, and shop. 

We started our time in Auburn with a quick feeding. It was much colder and windyer than we originally expected- EA really hasn't been outside much except for some jogs in the stroller, so she kind of had to get used to it!

After we finished eating, we headed downtown to see Toomer's Corner and do some shopping. Toomer's Corner is one of my favorite places on Auburn's campus- after Auburn wins a game, all of the fans head down to the tree and roll it. It is a great tradition and is a fabulous way to celebrate a win. Last year after the National Championship, some jerk decided to be spiteful and poisoned the tree, so they are not sure how much longer the trees will last. This was one of the major reasons I wanted to get down to Auburn this season- so EA could have a picture at Toomer's Corner!

Next, we headed to Samford Hall. This happens to be very close to where Brian and I had our first kiss :)

Auburn themed kissy picture- we might make this one a habit until she gets too old and makes us quit :)

Here are Brian's parents (left) and my parents (right) with EA.

Group pics with my parents

Group pic with Bri's parents

Finally, we headed to Tiger Walk, another big Auburn tradition. Fans line up along Donahue as the players and coaches walk through to the stadium. If you get there in time, you get to slap hands with the Tigers- it is so much fun. The band is always there and there are always a ton of people. Yesterday was no exception.

As I was standing at Tiger Walk, holding my precious little girl and talking to my sweet husband, I got emotional (shock, I know.) Brian and I met at Auburn. We fell in love at Auburn. It is where he proposed and where our story really began. I love Auburn football, but so much more importantly, I love the memories that we have at that school. Very few of my memories from Auburn do not include Brian and that makes it all the more special. It was such a joy to be able to bring Emily Ann down there so she could be part of those memories. 

After Tiger Walk, we saw some friends, stopped by the bookstore, then headed back to the 'Ham. We listened to the game all the way home- Auburn won 41-23!
War Eagle everyone!!

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