The Pumpkin Patch

Today after church, Brian, EA, and I headed out to the pumpkin patch. I can't swear that I had ever been to one before- and if I had, it was nowhere near as legit as this one.

After parking and going in, we road a hayride out to this huge open field of pumpkins of the vine. It was so fun... and fally! I must have looked for the perfect pumpkin for at least 30 minutes. The options were endless- orange pumpkins, green pumpkins, striped, multi-colored, big, small, flat, tall, skinny.... you get the idea. We both ended up with orange/green pumpkins that were just the right shape and size. After we picked our pumpkins, we jumped back on the hayride to head back. We then made our way through some fair foods (fried pies and boiled peanuts!) and a huge corn maze.

EA basically rocked the pumpkin patch. She got a bit fussy once we got out there, so we hid behind a shrub and fed her and she cheered right up! She was definitely the cutest baby there :)

It was an absolutely perfect fall day. I can't wait until she is a bit older so she can enjoy it as much as we did!

 Surrounded by pumpkins

I have been dying for her to wear these boots, and I almost waited too long... the left one keeps trying to fall off! I love this picture though... so cute!

The fam with Brian's pumpkin. I was still deciding at that point.

Be still my heart.

Have a great week my friends!


  1. SO precious: her little overalls, those BOOTS, the family picture!!! Adorable!

  2. Looks likes a fun outing, I love all of the pictures!

  3. Love all these pictures and especially that all 3 of you are wearing your boots!! Can't wait to dress up our girls on Wednesday and trick or treat at the senior home!

  4. What fun! The picture of EA in her carseat with the pumpkins reminds me of the pictures my SIL likes to take of my nephew. He's always by himself in his stroller next to something in the picture! It's so funny!

  5. So good to "meet" you!! I love your blog too. Your family is beautiful.

  6. Are those the boots I heard about before she was born?! Yay for pumpkin patches!


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