Dare to DIY- Homemade gifts

Dare to DIY

This week's Dare to DIY Challenge is homemade gifts!
My problem with homemade gifts is that I tend to kill a dead horse...
I make the same thing a billion times and it is no longer unique or fun, so I love this challenge to get new ideas!
My favorite homemade gift this year was inspired from Pinterest (of course!)
When I found this Christmas mantel this summer, I immediately knew I wanted to try to make one of the O Holy Night boards- so cute and such a perfect addition to any Christmas display.

I used a 1x6 piece of wood for the background and asked the hubs to cut, sand, and spray paint it. I used my Cricut and Sure Cuts Alot software to cut the letters, then modge podged them onto the board. I let everything dry, then placed a hanger on the back and voila!
We actually made our first board in August for my mother-in-laws birthday, but have made two more recently for a friend to give as Christmas gifts.
I also made one for Emily Ann's nursery- I love that any phrase can be appropriate. Simple and elegant.

Another favorite homemade gift I am enjoying right now is the yarn wreath. I made a cute gold one for the fall, but wasn't quite finished with my obsession, so I made a Christmas one as well!

There are tons of fabulous directions around the blog world, but they are super easy and such a clean door decoration. The red on the door pops from the street- so much fun!

Have a great night friends!


  1. I love the O Holy Night bourse. The font is perfect. What a great girl idea. Thanks for linking up to Dare to DIY!

  2. I lvoe the O Holy Night board; I think the font totally makes it! And your yarn wreath is adorable!

    Visiting from Newly Woodwards

  3. I'm going with the masses....The O Holy Night is perfect!!


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