The bump.

The past few weeks, Brian and I have had the opportunity to put some of our new photography knowledge to use and take maternity pictures for a few friends. It was an awesome opportunity to practice what I learned in my course and spend some quality time with the couples. We in no way believe that we are of the professional level, but really enjoyed taking the pictures and were pretty pleased with how they turned out. Each couple got between 30 and 50 pictures to do with what they wanted but here were a few of our favorites...

Jase and Elizabeth

Rick and Tiffany

Curt and Lisa

The timing of all of these pictures was fabulous because two of the sweet babies were born last week! It was such a blessing to be able to love on the parents a bit before the little ones got here.

Have a fabulous evening my friends!


  1. I had seen the Vann's, but not the Healy's and Martin's! Y'all did a GREAT job! And Tiffany looks precious!

  2. Ashley! These pictures are AMAZING! You are super talented and I am so excited about your new found hobby! I miss seeing you friend, we need to hang out soon! Hope y'all are doing well!


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