Current book(s)
I'm reading this with my sweet friend Kelsey... very convicting with lots of great points, but I'm not loving the writing. Completely my own personal opinion
I refuse to give up children's books just because I'm not teaching anymore. This was the 2010 Newbery Award winner for anyone who's interested.

Current playlist
Chuck Hooten's new worship album, Home. It's awesome.

Current color
This awesome neutral gray I found on Pinterest. After further investigation, the site also has a fun home tour!!

Current food
Chuy's salsa and fresh chip. 

Current favorite show(s)
The Big Bang Theory and Jane By Design

Current needs
To vacuum more- crawling = eating everything EA finds on the floor.

Current bane of my existence
Power cords. Another problem from crawling.

Current #1 blessing
Love these two so very much.

Current indulgence
Milo's Sweet Tea

Current outfit
Brown/Gray skirt from Banana Republic Outlet and light blue shirt from TJ Maxx

Current excitement
I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow and heading to the beach next week!!

Current mood
Excited for the weekend- I'm anxious to spend some time with my hubs!

Current favorite quote or verse

Current wishlist item
Have you seen this amazing playhouse at Handmade Home? I want to go up there and read.

Current favorite product
I love this hair gel for curly haired days- not too crunchy with just the right wave/curl mix!

Want to join us? 

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  1. 1. Agree with point number one. Completely. Work with me, Leslie!
    2. WHY have we not talked about how funny The Big Bang Theory is?!


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