A night off.

This week, Brian and I got a fun treat- he had a business meeting in Auburn, so my mom kept EA and I went with him.
A little slice of paradise folks.
Monday was rainy, but yesterday was absolutely gorgeous.

With no baby and no nap schedule, I had all afternoon Monday to hit all the great stores around Auburn. Monday night, Brian and I walked around campus. It brought back lots of memories and gave me the startling realization that we are old. Tuesday morning I had breakfast with one of my favorite people ever, then hit some antique stores around Opelika. Brian and I met back up after his meetings, then we headed home.

Overall, it rocked.

I missed EA in a major way. I must have called home 8 times. But the break was fabulous and the destination could not have been more perfect.

Have an awesome and fabulous hump day my friends!

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  1. So glad we got to spend a few hrs with you...made my week!


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