Today, Brian and I are celebrating five years of marriage.
Five years.

It feels like yesterday.

It is so hard to believe that we have now been married longer than we dated. We have lived in two homes, owned a cat, purchased two vehicles, been given the gift of making a baby, carrying her, and experiencing the glorious blessing of being her mom and dad in these five years. We purchased land, done renovations, travelled all over the world, served Jesus together and supported each other when our call was to serve Him alone. We have intwined two lives into one glorious life together.

Brian helps me to know Jesus more, models a strong walk with the Lord, and makes me more like Christ each day. He makes me laugh, provides for me, offers me encouragement, challenges me, and loves me unconditionally. 

I can not imagine my life without him and am so very thankful for our five years together.

Happy Anniversary BK!


  1. What a beautiful post! Happy anniversary! Enjoy your day together :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! July 14th is one of my favorite days!

  3. Happy Anniversary! I am so glad I was there to share your wedding day with you! Love you guys!

  4. Happy Anniversary! We love y'all!


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