Brian and I have the glorious opportunity to go to San Francisco to celebrate our anniversary.
I have been to Cali two times before, but never to San Francisco. 
Everyone who has ever been there has a billion suggestions on where to go so I could not wait to get started planning.

Enter Tripomatic.

This website is amazing. 
I set up an account (FOR FREE), and entered my destination. 
Next, I entered the places we were interested in going... Telegraph Hill, Pier 39, Chinatown, the Cablecar Museum, Haight-Ashbury.. and it placed them on the map. I could then adjust the order of our stops based on location making the most convenient route. It also gave a brief description of the place to remind you as you refer to the site.

The website is awesome. I would highly suggest it for someone planning a trip with lots of stops and sight-seeing. It allowed me to plan our trip in a way that made the best use of our time, rather than wondering aimlessly :)
And in case you are interested, there is also a Tripomatic iPhone app.

Have a fabulous day!


  1. How awesome is that?! Well now I need to go on a vacation so I can use it :)

  2. Hi Ashley, I'm Barbora - co-founder of Tripomatic. We are thrilled that you liked Tripomatic. If you find anything what can be improved at the website or in the app, please let me know (my email is barbora@tripomatic.com in case you need it). Have a great time in San Francisco!


Thank you for your comment!
Have a blessed day!

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