San Francisco- Pt. 2

Friday morning we woke up early and rented our bikes from Bay City Bikes. We road them to the Alcatraz Pier, parked and locked them up, then headed to do the Alcatraz Tour. 
I honestly wasn't really looking forward to the tour of this former penitentiary, but it ended up being very interesting. Did you know that three guys escaped and were never caught?  

The city seriously had the biggest seagulls I have ever seen. 
I do not like seagulls. 

After the tour, we rode the ferry back, hopped on our bikes, and headed to the Golden Gate Bridge.  

We took the 8 mi. trek across the bridge to Sausalito. I was pretty pumped that most of the ride from the bridge was downhill... because most of the ride to the bridge was up hill. Well, that's not exactly true, but it totally felt like it.

We had delicious fish and chips, then caught the ferry back to San Francisco. 

As a side note, I seriously considered selling my engineer husband to the ferry company. It was the most unorganized mess of a bike ferry I have ever seen. And I know, I have only seen one, but still. There were probably 150-200 people on the ferry with bikes, so basically we just all leaned our bikes against each other, then had a free for all trying to get our bikes when we stopped. And did I mention that we loaded and parked our bikes downstairs on the ferry, then docked upstairs? Which meant we had to dig our bikes from the trenches, then push the bike up the stairs to get off. Which was especially hard with me holding the bike brake the whole way up. *Oy.* But we survived... and it was far better than riding our bikes back due to sore bottoms and thighs. 

Once we got back, we returned the bikes, rested at the hotel for a few mins, then headed back out to take in Lumbard Street- "The Crookedest Street in the World."

View from the top. 

 We rode the cable car back down the hill, then grabbed dinner at local pizza place.

Then once again, went to bed way early.
We are so old.


  1. Um, BEAUTIFUL!! I love the picture of the two of you in front of the Golden Gate Bridge!! Stunning!


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