EA's 1 year picture- Teaser

EA had her one year pictures last Friday!
We knew we were a little early, but we wanted a chance to get some of the pictures printed in time for her birthday. 
Brian's youngest brother, Kevin, took the pictures. (He also did our maternity pics and newborn pics.) He is so incredibly talented. We were up against a storm and didn't have much time but he got so many *awesome* shots. 
We are BEYOND thrilled with the results.

All that said, I am saving the majority of the pics for EA's birthday BUT I can't keep all of them to myself- Kev did such a good job and our sweet girl is just so cute!

Check out Kevin's website Cadence Photography. He has so many cool pictures from around the world for sale on his site. He also has an assortment of "people pictures" from a few of his photo shoots. 

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Such a baby genius - chess at 12 months! : )

  2. Stop it! This teaser is too much. I don't know if I can wait till the party!


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