My top 5 favorite pins this week

30 easy Bible verses for kids to memorize.
This is a fabulous list of short, to the point verses that would be great to begin teaching EA early. Scripture memory is not a strong point of mine, so it is something I want to start early with my sweet girl so she will be constantly armed with Biblical truths.

Great quote.
I am guilty of this way too often.
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Baby scarf picture.
This picture is advertising the hair thing, but is that scarf not to die for? I feel pretty sure EA needs a adorable mustard scarf for fall. And a turquoise door to sit in front of.

Getting tough stains out of baby clothes.
EA did a great job of not staining her clothes for the first 8 months of her life, but that time is coming to an end. Baby food and real food are a ridiculous mess.
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Crib picture.
I adore this picture. EA has bumpers on her crib, but I feel like I should take them off before naptime one day. So precious.


  1. I love the crib picture! Wish I had one of E from when he was much more 'baby'.

  2. The scarf and crib pictures are precious!

  3. Hey Ashley! Happy Anniversary to y'all as well! Emily Ann is so cute and stylish! (p.s. I love her name!)


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