So, being in the second trimester of my second pregnancy has really shown me a pattern in my pregnancies-

#1- The first trimester really stinks. I don't think I have any choice... I am going to be sick and I am going to be flat exhausted. 

#2- Once the sickness and fatigue go away, all I want to do is organize our house.

I am not an overly organized person. Or really, I'm not organized at all. I know where things are in my house, but the inside of my cabinets are not neat and sometimes I shove my cute shirts in the drawer with my casual shirts. And I'm good with that. I can tell you where the tape, scissors, wrapping paper, gum, at least one pacifier, and several versions and sizes of Bible are- plus several other things, so really, it's fine.

But when I'm pregnant, all I really want to do is buy all the awesome organizational stuff I was able to purchase as a teacher and smother our house with it. 

Right now, my list includes (but is not limited to..)

- the office/ craft room/ EA's future big girl room.
We have changed this room a jillion times since we moved here, but what is most commonly used for is holding junk. Pure and simple junk. Come April, we will have to to rid of all the stuff we haven't needed since we graduated from college, but have been unwilling to get rid of, because a child will be living and sleeping in what was formerly the junk room.

-Our desk. 
We moved my desk while growing up from an entry table to a desk in our bedroom a few months back. It is definitely good for the space in the living room, but has since been littered with misc. stuff. It's time to buy some cute organizers, stick a label or two on it, and make that baby look pretty!

-Our pantry.
For the most part, I was prepared when EA was born. We had all the stuff, we had a place for her to sleep, I had a way to save money buying her clothes, etc etc. Then we were hit by the bottle monster. They were constantly laid out all over our kitchen. It drove me absolutely nuts. And even now there are sippy cups and boiled pacifiers and fruit cups ready for our disposal. On our kitchen counters. I hate it. So, in the next 5 months, I will clean and organize our pantry, making a shelf for all the kitchen stuff that just won't seem to disappear.

So these are my majors. Right now I am just in the research portion of my organization. You know, the spend extra time on Pinterest looking for cute but very neat and clean options for simplifying your life, portion of the organizing.

If anyone has any great organization websites, please let me know. I'm ready to get this party started.

Don't forget to vote today! And have an awesome Tuesday!

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  1. I have found that our organization needs change constantly. What was once a need for bottles, is now a need for larger big boy cups, kid silverware, etc. Good luck! : )


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