Photo Dump w EA Update

This morning, I finally sat down to unload all the pictures from my camera from the past several weeks.
I realized- I've missed a lot! My sweet girl is doing so many fun things, so I am going to take a moment to share our October. 

Our church has an awesome, covered playground area, so now that she is walking, we stop by to play from time to time. I love watching her master the climbing and sliding- she loves it!

She had only been walking for about a week when we took this picture. She still wasn't 100% sure she could stand up without her hands in this pose. I know it doesn't capture her face, but it's such a priceless picture of a tiny span of her life.

EA and I headed to Auburn one day to meet some sweet girls. I was so excited to be down there when it wasn't a football game- the place is much more calm, so she was able to roam a little.
Kelsey was so much help that day. Kels was a trooper and helped me keep her corralled. I was bummed we didn't get a pic w Caroline too- it was such a fun time with these girls!

EA can't get enough of steps. This is Samford Hall- she went straight to the steps, and when we brought her down from those, she went to the other set. Thankfully, our house only has one story. 

I think I am seeing a glimpse into the future here....

Brian's middle brother, Scott, got us tickets to a BBQ cook-off one Friday. 
Our girl had her first taste of cotton candy that night. She's a big fan.

For EA's birthday, we joined the Birmingham Zoo. The price to visit for a day is a little outrageous, but to join is a great deal. She's still not sure if she likes the monkeys or the older children who are visiting better.
My two favorite people in the world. She is such a Daddy's girl.

When we were in the cat building, the tiger was pacing immediately by the window. The lighting isn't great, but I love her silhouette looking up as he passes by.

Look how close he was!!

Finally, we ended the month with Halloween. I am so sad that this was the best picture I have of just our little cowgirl. This is two years in a row I have stunk it up capturing the costume. Boo. 
With or without pictures, we had an excellent Halloween. We spent time with friends, did a little trick or treating, and played in our pumpkin bucket. Overall, it was a success.

Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. I can't believe how big she's getting! But I'm so glad I got to spend an afternoon with you both in the loveliest village!


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