Big Girl Room Inspiration

With the arrival of baby girl #2 approaching rather quickly, Brian and I have had to scramble to figure out where EA is going to sleep!

We decided #2 will use the nursery almost exactly as it is, minus EA's initials and pictures that are currently scattered everywhere. EA will move next door to what is currently the office/craft room/ misc. junk room. 

Monday and Tuesday are booked with plans of emptying that room. I am not sure what to do with some of the craft supplies I have collected over the years but don't actually have a use for until EA is old enough to use them with me, but we will figure it out. We will buy some of the furniture this weekend and paint the rest of the furniture next week.

After spending lots of time online trying to find exactly what I wanted to do in that room, I have found a few inspirational ideas on Pinterest that have really gotten the ball rolling.

Taza Tarika in yellow

Dottie quilt- found here

I have located a basic comforter, owned the dottie quilt for quite some time, compared prices for the Tarika fabric on Etsy, and began picking out photos and quotes for the wall collage. Hopefully it will come together well.... we just have to empty the room!

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Can't wait to see it. I know it will be adorable! Miss you and hope things will work out to see you soon!


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