Dare to DIY- Homemade Gifts!

This week at the Newly Woodwards, it's Dare to DIY- Homemade Gifts. I am a huge fan of homemade gifts. I am one of those people who walk through stores, look at things, and say- I can do that. Then, I either forget about it or mess it up terribly. But it is always fun to try
Paper Covered Frame
My first DIY gift is my paper covered picture frame. I usually buy messed up frames from the clearance aisles of TJ Max or Hobby Lobby since the frame will be covered anyway. That makes this project super inexpensive. I cut the paper the estimated size, then crease the edges to fit it perfectly. I use modge podge to stick the paper to the frame, then put a layer on top. Finally, I use sand paper to smooth the edges. A wonderful friend showed me this several years ago and I still can't get enough! When I went to Christmas Village in November, I saw these frames with a large bow on the top. It was really cute and a great frill to the frame.
Big Sister Shirt
Another teacher on my team is due at the end of this month. When she saw my shirts for my student and her brother, she mentioned she wanted one for her two girls. I really liked the way the shirts turned out last time, but wasn't a fan of the white. This time I used the dark shirt iron ons. It took at least four prints (Word of caution, read the directions on the iron on package- all of them are not like the Avery brand.) When I finally got my patience back, they turned out really good!
Paisley Canvas
Another friend is due in Febuary, so I created a master piece for the nursery. They are using chocolate and primary colors, so I went for the red and brown theme. I painted the background, then used stamp/ stencils for the paisley. I picked a favorite font (Pea Stacy from Kevin and Amanda) and traced it on. When I was finished, I added the fringe on the edge. This was very similar to this previous project.
Cross Picture
As I mentioned in a previous post, I saw something similar to this at Hobby Lobby and wanted to try it out. I used a 5x7 canvas and modge podged a favorite paper. I used a cross from HL and hot glued it on. Finally, I matted it and framed it. I gave one to my GMiL on Thanksgiving Day and she LOVED it. It wasn't as cheap as it could have been, but I personally think it turned out better then the ones at Hobby Lobby.
Thanks for coming by friends! I am looking forward to seeing more crafty ideas!


  1. Wow... you go girl! Lots of great ideas. I love the canvas, very nice. Looks like you are a wonderful and thoughtful gift giver.

    Thanks for joining in this week! =)


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