My husband's a running fool!

This morning, my friend Ashley and I went to cheer our husbands on as they ran a 5k. Brian has been training for about 7 weeks and has really become a great runner!

Here are some pictures from the morning!
Here are the guys before the race- On the left is Jared's friend Okor, then Brian and Jared

The start of the race!

Jared and Okor finishing the race

Brian right before he crossed the finish line

And as he crosses the finish line

Like my shirt? Ashley and I had them in support of our running husbands :)

Ashley and I sporting our supportive T's!

After the race, we went to The Original Pancake House for breakfast. I got Three Little Piggys in a Blanket, which was sausage rolled up in pancakes. It was absolutely.amazing.  So delicious!

After the race and breakfast, I was exhausted (ha and I didn't even run!) so I came home and took a nap with my sweet cat. You have got to love a good cat nap!!

Have a fabulous weekend my friends!

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